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When Should You Call for Professional Tree Services?

Do you have problems with your tree and you can’t decide whether you need a professional to do the job? It’s always pays to hire tree experts no matter how simple the job is. If you a tree then you need to find arborists whom you can call as early as now. Don’t wait for the problem to arise before you do your research.

There are many instances with your tree that requires the services of the experts. Listed below are some of the common situations when tree services become necessary. If you encounter these situations, don’t hesitate to call the experts right away.

1. The tree is growing too close to the house.

If your tree is growing dangerously close to the house, then it has to be pruned or trimmed as soon as possible. When the tree shake due to strong wind, typhoon, or snowstorm, then the branches may damage the roof, windows, and sidings of your home.

2. The tree is near the pool, patio, deck, or sidewalk.

Sometimes, the leaves of the trees are getting too much on your pool, patio, and deck. If they seem to be too much of a problem, it’s best to trim the branches that are causing the problems so you don’t have to clean your pool all the time.

3. The tree is reaching the power lines.

Tree branches that are touching the power line are considered health hazards. It is possible that the tree would cause power outage or fire once the power lines get spliced due to strong winds or thunderstorms. Tree branches reaching the power line have to be removed with the assistance of qualified electricians.

4. The tree is blocking scenic views.

If the beautiful view outside your window is obstructed because the trees and branches are blocking it, then you really have to consider removing some of the branches or the entire tree altogether. The outside views are as important as your home’s interiors.

5. A part of the tree is damaged by insects or diseases.

A diseased tree is an unhealthy tree. All diseased and infected area has to be removed in order to save its life. If the damage is extensive, then the arborist may recommend that the tree be cut entirely, especially if it’s dying. The infection caused by insects may only spread to other trees and plants so proper precaution has to be observed.

6. The tree is damaged by a recent storm.

Trees damaged by a recent storm have to be removed entirely because the next typhoon will definitely cause it to fall down. Have an arborist check the condition of your trees after a storm to ensure that it wasn’t damaged. It is important for your tree to remain strong and sturdy.

These are the most common reasons why trees have to be removed, trimmed, or pruned. If you need help in looking for the best tree service Portland, then check online directories, more particularly the Better Business Bureau to get a good idea which companies to hire.

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